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SRP Mini Challenge Round 3

Posted by Mike Bell on June 24, 2013 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (35)

Round 3 of the SimRacingPro (SRP) Mini Challenge was hosted at Hockenheim on sunday. Smile Power was represented by Mike Bell, Scott Sovik and David Carter. Also in attendance were Smile drivers from other leagues (Chris Shepherd, Robert Wiesenmueller and Vinicius Ferreira). Mike Qualified 4th (+0.084), Scott 12th (+1.248) and David 18th (+2.600), with Davy Vandevenne taking pole from Smile regulars Chris Shepherd and Robert Wiesenmueller.


Off the start of the race and for the first 20 mins until the pitstops there was a fantastic 7 way battle for the lead consisting of Shepherd, Wiesenmueller, Vandevenne, Mike, Andy Vandevelde, Alexander Lauritzen and Andreas Loffler. Slightly further back there was another huge battle from 8th to 13th or so involving David and Scott. After the pitstop phase had been completed the lead battle broke into 3, the first being 1,2 and 3 between Chris, Robert and Davy. The second being 4,5 and 6 between Mike, Alexander and Andreas. Post pitstops Scott was Battling for 9th with Aaron Channer and Andrew Breedon, and David was chasing down Roger Prikken and Vinicius Ferreira for 13th. These positions didnt change much until the finish, Mike 4th, Scott 9th and David 15th.


These results put Smile Power 1 2nd in the teams Standings with Smile Power 2 in 11th. In the Drivers Championship Tom Eley (60 points) retains the lead after missing a round, Mike is now tied for 2nd with Loffler (52 points) 1 point ahead of both Vandevenne and Vandevelde (51 points). David and Scott are now tied for 13th with 22 points.


2 weeks until the next round at Mid-Ohio, Bring it on :D .


SRP Minis kick off

Posted by Robert Wiesenmueller on May 27, 2013 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The SRP Mini Challenge started at Alabama, and SSMBSOQWSPR was present with 3 cars. Mike Bell was in the Nyan Cat car, David Carter was in the Cookie Monster car and Scott Sovik was in the Little Pony car. Geoffrey Fournier was busy doing french stuff and therefore missing. However, some other SSMBOSOQWSPR-regulars were also taking part in the race for other teams, with Eley and Lennon for Sensible Racing, Wiesenmüller for THR, Ferreira for Movie Go and Keanie for his own team.

Mike Bell made the most of his race, and after a clever pit stop strategy he brought it home in 6th. Scott Sovik ended the race in the usual fashion, when he drove straight into a tyre barrier in a chicane and sent his car flying through the air. David Carter, who was right behind him, was so impressed by the sight that he drove into another tyre barrier, but he could recover to finish 13th. Eley won the race from Vandevenne, Löffler, Lauritzen and Wiesenmüller. Next stop is Donington in two weeks.