Shark Skins
Mike Bell Seal Of Quality
With Smile Power Racing

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 Job position
 Mike Bell
 Undisputed king of the team
 Finished Bathurst
 not getting banned
 David Carter
 Good person
 doing a lap round Bathurst
 Oscar Hardwick
 actual fast driver
 Left nFinity eSports
 driving for a better team than nFinity eSports
 Jesper Taulborg
 Best driver in TPS
 speaking more than two sentences in a row
 David Nannen
 Grumpy Cat
 Fell asleep in Qualy
 Staying awake for a full event in TPS
 Robert Wiesenmueller
 Speculation Elf
 VMC Champion
 finding his pitbox
 Alexandre Sene
 Epic Co-Driver
 Also finished Bathurst
 Scott Søvik
 Mr. DNF
 fast in Clios
 finishing more races than Chris S
 Chris Shepherd
 Mr. DNF 2
 Best driver in SRP 2012
 finishing more races than Scott S
 Geoffrey Fournier
 french guy
 fast guy at SRP
 french stuff
 Lars Brugman
 Scandinavia guy
 convincing Bradley he is Dutch
 Vinicius Ferreira
 2nd race driver
 ATCC D2 race winner
 doing a 1st race
 Tom Eley
 .dll file
 fast but no luck
 no crash on formation lap
 Gary Lennon
 old man
 long time ago
 avoiding Alzheimer as long as possible
 Matt Richards
 Mike's best buddy
 getting drivers into Airastream.
 Ghovand Keanie
 Master of disguise
 Banned 5 times in TPS
 finding a telephone book and signing up with all  names in TPS
 Erik Tveit
 Mr. Roll
 rolled his car often
 rolling in every TPS league
 Lee Palmer
 nothing in particular
 not really
 entering a TPS league for "Team Pornhub"
 Rob Hermans
 Black Rebel
 Teamed with Smile Power
 '2 Please' 
 Nik Hughes
 Little brother
 younger than Jimi Hughes
 beating Jimi Hughes
 Ben Hackeson
 who is this guy?
 What do I know
 becoming famous in the simracing world
 Lewis McGlade