Shark Skins
Mike Bell Seal Of Quality
With Smile Power Racing

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Shark Skins are the best when it comes to simracing designs, liveries and graphics, and they are the main sponsor of this team.
Check it out under
Jt4asimshots make images and screenshots for simracing games. And they are pretty good. To be honest we didn't ask Jesper if he wants his logo on this page. But he did a screenshot for David Taylor's car, what can be worse?
Also we use a shot from his biggest rival, Ben Richards, on the main page. Shouldn't matter.
Now they are also called Photoborg but I am too lazy to put the new logo here.
Check his page out under
The TPS Band provides the official soundtrack for the team. Who doesn't know chartbreakers like "The TPS song"?
Listen to it under
Have you ever wondered if that simracing league that you wanted to join is really good, or full of noobs instead?
The Mike Bell Seal Of Quality is there to help you. Every league that carries it is high quality. Mike Bell approved.

Current stuff that carries the MBSOQ:
- The new Clio from TOCCS
- this website